Friday, 12 March 2010


I never had myself down as a priestess, I wonder is it time to re-think that..?

I have just been asked... me, that lonely little girl, the fozzie, searching the moon and stars for answers (and finding them!)... I have just been asked to perform the joining ceremony of two friends. They want me to preside over their union! - Me!!

I am overwhelmed, literally!! I still haven't taken it in... not properly. Stunned and oh, so honoured!!

I've only met these friends once in person, and while we stay in regular contact and whilst there's obviously a lot of love and respect between us, and has been for several years, I never for a second thought they felt so deeply about me, or thought so highly of me!

I'm back to being flabbergasted at, and warmed and humbled by, the amount of faith people have in me, thought it's fast becoming such an 'ordinary' part of my life, a regular aspect of my journey! I will never take it for granted though, just as I will never take this beautiful planet, and all the wonder and magic it contains for granted. I am blessed and I know it!

I had so much to say already today, about the shifting energies and growing awareness and strengthening bonds that I've been very conscious of lately.
And about the power that each and every one of us holds every day of our lives, and either uses for their own good and the good of all, or gives away to some bureaucratic 'authority' to be used against us, used to enslave us in 'power structures' that are not of nature.

I've also been studying feminist theory for an essay I have to write and have been very aware, whilst reading that theory, of the goddess civilisations that were universal before patriarchy came to universally dis-empower women. - A power which, with awareness, we may now reclaim.

Speaking of 'the priestess' is not some flippant, egotistical fantasy on my part, but part of a growing awareness of who I am, and of my own inner power which I can either use for good, or hand to another to be used for my enslavement. There is no in-between with that... No sitting on the fence. Use it for good or have it used against you for your own enslavement. That is the cold hard fact of the matter.

The priestess was commonplace in the days when the earth mother was recognised and respected. She was not some higher official, not some bastion of 'the lord'. Through the nurturing of the goddess, the earth mother, all were equal, all were equally respected.

So am I a priestess? I know that I am, as we all are, connected to the goddess, the earth-mother, that I share the creative energy of the earth and of all of creation. And I know that I have reclaimed my power and my freedom from those who would use it against me.
I suppose whatever anyone else recognises or perceives in me beyond that is whatever it is.

I am not priestess in the modern usage of the term, I am simply whole. And maybe that makes me a priestess in the proper sense.

Peace, love, unity, empowerment to any who stumble across this blog, and to all that don't.

Light and love,
Kazz. xxx