Thursday, 15 October 2009

What on earth am I doing at moderating TPUC?!!
I find I'm constantly in the position of having to defend my actions or lack of action, constantly being told what I should or should not be doing... Half the time I am surrounded by paranoid, ranting fools who accuse me of being some kind of agent (I can only presume, or the STATE).

It is thankless and time consuming, and time is a precious commodity right now.

But then, there are some truly intelligent, enlightened, insightful souls there, who lend a different tone to the place. They make my presence there worthwhile, useful, engaging, purposeful! It is a pleasure and an honour to know these people!

There are also those who come genuinely seeking answers, seeking a way forward, a way to create a better world. I think I love these people the best, because of their honesty, their genuine concerns and desire for something better. - I'm not talking about those who already think they have the answer(s), but those who PM me, trouble by questions they'd be embarrassed to publicise, those who are seeking a way forward, but are concerned about the way esposused by the 'believers'in the freeman doctrine. I want those people to have access to the different perspectives and opinions that abound.
I don't want them to only be fed the freeman doctrine, only to find themselves in a sea of troubles, not getting their questions answered, not getting their concerns addressed in any real way... Giving up their legal person, only to find what a useful tool it can be, once we know of it's existence...

If I were to resign as mod, which is something I think about doing all the time, something I would be releived to do(!) I am sure that the freeman doctrine would be favoured on the board, though it be the least liberating of them all.
So, I will stay as a mod for as long as I can stand it, and I will keep on defending a justifying my actions to those who would call me agent and troll, if that is what it takes.
But more importantly, I will keep on allowing contrary voices to be heard!!

Let the debate continue... let us find an intelligent, viable path to a free and equitable future for all.



Zen said...
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Zen said...

Glad you are still going Karen! I miss talking to you, sand and drunkard... It has been so long... I hope your health is holding up. It is good to see you still have that beautiful drive to make the world a better place. You are a rock... Zen (Isabella)

Karen said...

Bella!!! Wow! Fancy seeing you here. :D - I've only just noticed that somebody has commented on my blog (Only noticed someone was following me last week. LoL
Yeah, I'm still here, fighting the good fight... been at it most of my life one way or another.
Hope you're well and happy. I still pop in to GC every once in a while (bit dead in there these days). Maybe see you there sometime? :)xxx