Thursday, 17 January 2008

Meandering Mind.

Welcome to the peaceful meanderings of my own personal emptiness... Of course, I mean empty in the Taoist/Buddhist sense. Though I'm not a Buddhist, or any other kind of 'ist for that matter, nor am I an 'ian or an 'ish or an 'ic.
I am a seeker. A journeyer on the road of life. I seek my own inner truth, and have discovered that it is the same as yours. I seek my own truth, and have discovered that it is a universal Truth.
Within these pages I will share my journey, my thoughts, my readings, my prayers and meditations. And as the Peace, the Love, the God, the Truth.... which I have discovered within myself becomes more and more an everyday part of my consciousness, I will share that too.
And I will share stories of me and my love, my honey.
And recipes too!
And my efforts, my trials and errors in self sufficiency in the city - not too easy with nowhere to grow stuff, let me tell you! lol
And I will share stories of my family... My antics in the kitchen with my sisters children.
And everything else which means Love to me.

Until next time, Peace

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