Monday, 10 August 2009


So, the second person ever that I showed this blog to went a posted a link to it on Macswin's Facebook Reference.
Can't say I was expecting that! And I can't say that I mind either (if I did I'd delete the link), but it does feel odd knowing that you, whoever you are, are reading snippets of my life.
Those snippets that make me most vulnerable too! But read away; I can take it! LoL

I wonder how these words might impact you? I guess that's your business, just as writing this is mine. I know that reading my words will not harm you. The rest is yours.

But as far being outed as a blogger goes, I will now do my best to keep these pages up-dated. - Not before time too! Thanks Dave... I think!!

I'll write more soon... about my newest discoveries and the twists and turns my life is currently taking.

From now till then, peace be the journey. ;o)

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