Saturday, 28 February 2009

The future is in our hands.

We will adapt you know.
These are transitional times, so the nature of our adaptation is crucial, but I believe that, as the powers that be reveal themselves and their true agenda, as the fruits of the systems of governance and control they established are tasted by all, so we will turn away from those modes of living and establish new, equitable ones.

The end of cheap energy and the depletion of natural resources, including fresh water and soil, will lead to a reduction in our numbers.
Smaller numbers will mean tighter communities and better communication/discussion rather than the mass communication we are subjected to now, we will actually be invoved in the sharing of information, the creation of reality. We will no longer blindly accept what we are told rather we will question and discuss the issues as hey present themselves.

The learning of past centuries will not be forgotten as long as we keep on communicating, keep blogging, keep meeting and talking and stay connected NOW.
It's up to us to report the truth of these times to future generations!
The old systems (current) will be over if we take our part now. If we observe and share what we observe in these times.

We may SEEM powerless, but we hold the future in our hands today. Lets ensure that generations to come do not live in servitude to the rich enslaved by debt and monetary economic systems which serve only the rich.

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